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Description of high pole lamp



Lifting high pole lamp is widely used for large-area lighting in wide roads, overpasses, squares, parking lots, car washing yards, ports, freight yards, train marshalling yards, airport aprons and other places.

1、 Overview
Lifting high pole lamp is widely used for large-area lighting in wide roads, overpasses, squares, parking lots, car washing yards, ports, freight yards, train marshalling yards, airport aprons and other places.
2、 Structure
The lifting type high pole lamp is composed of lamp panel (lamp mounted on it), lamp pole, lifting mechanism, electrical device, etc.
1. The lamp panel can be raised or lowered to facilitate maintenance and overhaul. The lamp panel is made of high-quality steel plate. It is equipped with lamps, light sources, ballasts, triggers, hook assemblies, wiring terminals, etc. The shape of the lamp panel shall be determined according to the user's requirements.
2. The lamp pole is a one-time forming polycrystalline conical pole, with a diagonal diameter of 280 at the upper end, a taper of 1:69 for each section, generally 3-4 sections, and a length of 7-10m. The steel pole is made of Q235 steel plate produced by Baosteel, rolled and formed, and welded into a uniform tapered pole by CO2 gas shielded welding process, and then inserted into the whole lamp pole without transverse welding. The inner and outer surfaces of the lamp post are hot-dip galvanized and the outer surface is sprayed with plastic.
An electric door is opened at the bottom of the rod, which is internally equipped with lifting mechanism and electrical device. The edge of the electric door is welded with a door frame to make up for the decline in strength after the rod body is opened. The electric door cover is equipped with a waterproof retainer to prevent the infiltration of rainwater.
The top of the pole is fixed with a pulley block, a travel switch, a hook device, a rain cover and a lightning rod, which are integrated with the lamp pole.
3. The lifting mechanism is composed of ZD motor, coupling device, winch mechanism, etc. Once the power is lost, it can immediately keep the lamp disc in any state, and has the functions of emergency braking device to prevent the lamp disc from falling and safety locking of steel cable fracture, so as to ensure safety. The winch mechanism is composed of non rotating galvanized steel wire rope, drum, worm gear reducer, gear, auxiliary steel wire pulley block and other parts, with safe and reliable operation and convenient operation.
A. Head: the head is fixed on the top of the rod body in the form of tightening bolts. It is a load-bearing guide assembly composed of multiple pieces of 120 degree distributed pieces, pulley block, stainless steel rotating shaft and other components. It is connected with the lamp panel through pulley, stainless steel wire rope, FRP rain cover and lightning rod above the head, and the protection angle of lightning rod is 90. B. lamp panel: the lamp panel is composed of two half rings, which are connected by flanges. There are three hanging feet distributed at 120 degrees around the lamp panel. The front end of the hanging feet is equipped with nylon guide wheels and anti-collision rings. When the lamp panel is lifted and lowered, the lamp panel can be guided in place correctly. A different number of lamp mounting plates can be welded along the periphery of the lamp panel for lamp installation. C. padlock system: the padlock system is composed of two parts: one part is the padlock box, which is fixedly installed on the side of the head, and the padlock box is a steel part without maintenance; The other part is the suspension mechanism, which is composed of hanging feet, two-way springs, pin shafts, etc. it is installed on the hanging feet of the lamp panel and can be lowered to the ground with the lamp panel, which can facilitate inspection and maintenance. With the lifting operation of the lamp panel, the padlock system can smoothly complete the hanging and decoupling action of the lamp panel. The attached signal turnover mechanism can clearly display the action and state of the hook. The whole lamp panel has three sets of padlock systems distributed at 120 degrees. D. winch system: the external power single winch system is composed of worm reducer, drum, stainless steel wire rope, rigging coupling and rope stopper. The worm reducer is fully enclosed, and its lubrication is enough to consume the whole service life of the high rod without maintenance. Its input drive shaft is equipped with a locking device for safe locking when it is not working at ordinary times. The special rigging coupler is used to connect the main cable of the winch and the three auxiliary cables of the hanging light panel. The rope stopper can ensure that the stainless steel wire rope runs in the correct position and prevent friction damage. It is equipped with overload reducer to ensure that there will be no rush to the top. The lifting speed of the lamp panel is 3.5m/min. When the lamp is repaired, only open the small door under the rod, and the remote operation button can realize the lifting. In case of power failure, the manual device can be used for lifting, which is convenient for maintenance. E. power driver: the power driver is a two-way, single speed electric driver, which can be raised or lowered, with light weight and simple operation. The driver shall be equipped with over torsion protection device. During overload operation, the lifting steel cable will not be broken by sliding without excessive torsion, so as to improve the safety of lifting.
4. The power supply part is installed on the electrical board in the lower Department of the lamp pole, including the lamp group power supply, motor power supply and control part. The power cable of the lamp group (i.e. the main cable) is connected with the four terminal wire row on the electrical board. The main cable is connected when the lamp is on and cut off when lifting. The lamp power supply can be divided into three groups, and the clock control and light control are selected by S1-S3 switch. Control box is equipped in the rod.
5. Control system: a. the lifting system is equipped with double protection circuit of travel switch, and the motor control system has the functions of leakage protection and overheating protection. B. the lamp control has two modes: computer time control system and remote master control system: (B1) computer time control achieves automatic control according to the set program; (B2) according to the actual control requirements, the remote master control can select the control location for manual remote control operation.
6. Lamps:
A. The lamp body and cover are made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. The structure is light and corrosion-resistant. The anti-corrosion performance of lamp shell is grade II; Protection grade IP65; The anti electric shock level is class I. Comply with the provisions of safety requirements and tests for lamps (gb7000.1-7000.6).
B. The reflector is made of high-purity aluminum and processed by anodizing and electrochemical polishing. It has the characteristics of stable optical performance and high reflectivity.
C. The light transmission cover adopts curved high-strength tempered glass, which can withstand high temperature above 200 ℃, high light transmittance and impact resistance.
D. The reflector, toughened glass cover and lamp holder are integrated with sealing adhesive to form an internal bubble changing structure, which has good sealing performance. The sealing ring can withstand high temperature above 250 ℃ and the sealing degree reaches IP66.
3、 Other technical description: 1 The light panel can be lowered to the ground, and maintenance and repair can be completed on the ground.     2.  The special fully enclosed worm reducer is selected, and there is no need to add lubricating oil and maintain in the whole service life. A locking device is arranged on the worm power input shaft for locking when it is not working at ordinary times.     3.  The unique padlock system has novel design, smooth hanging and decoupling, safe and reliable. A signal flap is attached to the padlock mechanism to clearly display the action and state of the hook, which is convenient for personnel operation and increases the safety of use.     4.  Using remote control (manual lifting system can be equipped at the same time), personnel can operate in safe areas to ensure safety.     5.  The inner wall of the rod body is provided with an anchor pile and a safety chain for double safety protection when the lamp panel is in the state of hook.
IV. operation method
a) Lamp panel rising and automatic hook
i. Check whether the winch mechanism is normal.
ii. Plug the cable plug of the control handle into the corresponding socket on the electrical board (four core socket on the electrical board)
III. turn the function change-over switch wk to the "hook" position.
IV. press the "rise" button AQ1, and the motor will automatically stop rising when it rises to the rising stroke switch XK1.
v. Press the "down" button aq2 until the hook is automatically hung, that is, press the "stop" button AQ3. If the steel cable is loose and the end of the lamp panel is properly hung, otherwise repeat steps (4) - (5) until it is properly hung.
Vi. after completion, remove the plug of the cable of the remote control handle from the electrical board.
b) Descent and automatic decoupling
i. Remove the power cable (i.e. main cable) of the lamp group on the electrical board, and plug the cable plug of the remote control handle into its corresponding socket.
ii. Turn the function change-over switch wk to the "decoupling" position.
III. press the "rise" button AQ1, and when the lamp panel rises to the position of travel switch xk2, the lamp panel will automatically stop rising.
IV. press the "down" button aq2, and the light panel will automatically descend and decouple. When descending to the lower support, press AQ3 to stop.
v. After that, remove the cable plug of the remote control handle from the electrical board.
c) Lighting operation
i. Connect the power cable of the lamp group (i.e. the main cable) to the electrical board.
ii. Select the applicable control status
1. If S1, S2 and S3 are in the through state, all three groups of lights should be on.
b. If automatic timing control is used, the user can set the time of turning on and off the lights according to local needs. At this time, S1, S2 and S3 are in automatic control, and S3 is used to allocate the lighting group.
5、 Maintenance and overhaul
d) Maintenance of transmission mechanism
i. After the lamp panel falls to the lower support, the maintenance can be carried out. During the maintenance, first remove the oil stain, check whether the steel wire rope is broken, rusted and worn, and whether the steel wire rope joint is loose.
ii. Open the upper cover of the worm gear reducer and check whether the worm gear teeth are worn and whether the worm moves axially.
III. check whether the gear and coupling are worn.
IV. check whether the screws of each fastener are loose.
v. When the transmission lubricating oil (grease) is too dirty, it should be replaced. It should be ensured that there is enough lubricating oil in the worm gear box. It is strictly prohibited to work with little or no oil.
Vi. maintenance and repair shall be carried out once a quarter, focusing on inspection. Problems found shall be solved in time, and parts shall be replaced in time if they are seriously worn or damaged.
e) Overhaul of transmission mechanism
i. The overhaul shall be conducted once a year, and the wear of worm gear, worm, gear, bearing, pulley, shaft and other components and the operation state of motor shall be comprehensively inspected.
ii. When there is wear on the meshing surface of worm gear and worm and the running state of motor.
III. when the steel wire rope has partial broken wires (no more than 3) or obvious wear or hard injury, it shall be replaced.
IV. when the inner and outer rings of the bearing are slightly touched and seriously cracked, they shall be replaced.
v. When the fit clearance between shaft and drum, shaft and pulley and bearing seat is greater than 0.5, it shall be replaced as appropriate.
Vi. if the motor has abnormal sound, excessive noise, vibration or insulation damage, it shall be repaired or replaced in case of leakage.
f) Lamp maintenance: check the main cable and electrical components for short circuit, trauma and other faults.